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KNX AC integration for hotels Saudi Arabia

Integration of AC Systems in KNX for hotel projects

KNX AC integration for hotels: Arabian Homes uses Intesis KNX gateways for the integration of Air Conditioning Systems to KNX hotel projects.

 KNX Multibrand Air-Conditioning Gateways
 Saudi Arabia
 Arabian Homes
We have chosen Intesis solutions due to the compatibility and flexibility to control several air conditioning systems and the integration of their gateways with multiple drivers of home automation companies.
Arabian Homes BDM
Sami Azmi, Business Developer Manager
Arabian Homes

INKNXFGL001R000 GatewayBenefits:

  • Integration of different Air Conditioning brands to KNX for hotels.
  • Energy savings: Reduction of energy consumption lowers the hotel’s electricity bill.
  • Supervision and integral control of Air Conditioners.

The energy challenge for hotels

Many people, many rooms, many spaces. Hotels represent a tough challenge for experts in energy savings since they consume a lot of energy. Monitoring and reducing energy consumption is crucial, not the least for managers and owners who need full cost control.

It is especially important and valuable to be able to monitor and control consumption during peaks; significant gains can be achieved if energy consumption is reduced in times of maximum hotel occupancy such as during summer, Christmas, and Easter. Then, the hotel services are working at full capacity, with laundries, kitchens, restaurants and dining rooms being used during extended hours. All in all resulting in greater use of electricity and air conditioning.

Choosing an efficient air conditioning system is key:

Improving the energy efficiency in a hotel is a continuous task which needs to balance between achieving a reduction in energy consumption and not adversely affect the comfort of guests.

Accordingly, the quality of energy services need to be maintained in harmony with the interests of the hotel customers. In addition to reducing the amount stated on the electricity bill, the hotel will also decreases the pollution and thus do more to protects the environment.

It is estimated that the average cost for air conditioning, lighting and water can be up to 25% of hotels’ total expenses. Therefore there is obvious value in being able to control and monitor the equipment handling air conditioning, lighting and the generation of domestic hot water (DHW).

Within the energy costs of hotels, air conditioning is the biggest expense, on average representing more than 40% of the total energy costs. Therefore, air conditioning improvements offer a greater potential for savings.

Climatization in hotels:

There are different ways to optimize air conditioning in hotels. Air conditioning and heating control must be carried out both in common areas such as living rooms, restaurants, reception, bathrooms, as well as in private areas like guest rooms.

At the air conditioning level, limiting the setpoint temperatures in public areas such as main rooms or large rooms can be very useful.

It is also important to limit the setpoint temperatures to prevent hotel visitors from misusing the air conditioning system in their rooms, which otherwise leads to overconsumption.

By using monitoring and control systems for optimization of energy consumption, immediate value can be obtained. Management of consumption and real time energy control allows for identification and resolution of unnecessary energy usage. Current control systems allow monitoring of a large number of variables including for example: setpoint temperature, open window, occupancy and scenes.

Arabian Homes hotel projects in Saudi Arabia:

Arabian Homes was founded in 2000 and in Saudi Arabia is considered one of the pioneer companies in building projects with great technical capacity and complete solutions for engineering, supply and installation of automation systems.

For Arabian Homes, the integration of air conditioning systems into KNX for their hotel projects was not easy. This was mainly due to the need to integrate a wide variety of air conditioning brands and the many different requirements of each hotel project. In addition, the integration was more complicated due to the presence of different AC manufacturers using the KNX standard as well as the individual by each manufacturer of different types of KNX data (DPT). And finally, the project needed to meet the objective of maintaining the comfort of users while obtaining energy savings.

Arabian Homes selected the Intesis gateways, which any AC brands and model to be integrated and controller within a hotel complex.

An example of some of the Arabian Homes hotel projects: Hotel Verona, Daniat Makkah Hotels and Cecil Compound Villages.

The control and management of the air conditioning systems at these hotels, it has been possible to get real time status of the air conditioning Systems, to monitor alarms and maintenance signals specific to the AC units and establish remote control of the entire building.

By using Intesis solutons, Arabian Homes can ensure that the solution delivers energy savings with no compromise to guest comfort. Most of the air conditioners in the hotels are from Fujitsu and General Electric, Hager KNX thermostats. All in all, more than 1000 Intesis Fujitsu AC interfaces for KNX are used.


How do Intesis Gateways enable integration to KNX?

The Intesis gateways establishes communications to AC units for supervision and control from thermostats, touch panels or KNX applications. It is also possible to establish simultaneous control from KNX and the remote control of the AC. This is possible since the Intesis gateways can work with or without the AC remote control.

In addition, the KNX Intesis gateways include binary inputs, offering the possibility of monitoring e.g. a card holder, presence sensors for occupancy, and window sensors, using standard sensors that are much more cost efficient than KNX’s own devices. For example, these inputs can be used to automatically turn the unit on or off and adjust the setpoint temperature depending on whether or not there are people in the room. With this control capability, unnecessary electricity costs are avoided and great energy savings are achieved.

From a maintenance perspective, being able to monitor detailed information of errors and alarms in real time (like filter status), allows service teams to take immediate action to resolve issues. The ability to act faster to any problem improves guest comfort and reduces repair expenses.

The integration of Air Conditioning Systems to KNX with Intesis gateways has enabled Arabian Homes to achieve great energy savings in their hotel projects, reducing energy consumption while simultaneously optimizing the comfort of hotel customers.

Solutions sheet

Discover how our integration solutions can help your projects

Reduce commissioning costs

Reduce commissioning costs on disperse installations


  Intesis ST Cloud Control


- Save configuration time 
- No need to install any additional onsite Software
- Remote access to the devices 
- Device sharing
- Avoid extra fees

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Manage and control all your building assets from an App and a Web Interface


Intesis ST Cloud Control for facility management of commercial buildings or small&medium size offices.


Connection for all types of BACnet or Modbus devices to the cloud.
An intuitive and centralized remote device management through an app and a web interface using a common dashboard.

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The smarter way to control your AC units


Intesis AC Cloud control is the professional HVAC management tool for hospitality projects.


Control of all the parameters from the AC unit.
Reliability: our products have been developed with the collaboration of the major air conditioning manufacturers.
Retrofitting: it is not necessary to replace the AC system to become smart.
• Around 40% savings in energy consumption.

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AC Interfaces for Data Centre's


Intesis AC Interfaces (AC Brand to KNX, BACnet, Modbus, WIFI).
AC Cloud Control (Intesis Home Cloud APP).


Stable temperature in Data Centre’s, rooms or areas.

• HVAC Integration into BMS/SCADA systems
• HVAC Cloud remote control and monitoring
• HVAC Load Balancing

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Data centre's solution sheet
Modbus zoning case study

Modbus AC interfaces for HVAC zoning systems


 Intesis Modbus gateways for zoning systems.


 Unique Modbus register map for all AC Brands
 Bidirectional communication between the zoning system and the AC Unit
 Increase comfort
 Reduction of energy consumption

Product features:

 Easy installation
 Great integration flexibility
 Easy and fast integration
 Complete Control of AC

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Modbus gateways for retail sector


 Intesis Modbus gateways in the retail sector.


 Supervision and control of the AC.
 Real time AC alarm monitoring.
 Temperature limitation.
 Generation of schedules such as opening/closing time protocol integration.

Product features:

 Easy installation
 Great integration flexibility
 Easy and fast integration
 Complete Control of AC

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Modbus store case study
BACnet small-medium projects case study

BACnet gateways for small and medium installations


 BACnet server gateways and interfaces


 Air Conditioner main functions
 - On/Off
 - Mode
 - Set Point
 - Ambient Temperature
 - Error Code
 BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP connectivity.

Product features:

 BACnet IP and MSTP
 BBMD and foreign Device
 Notification Classes
 BTL certified

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BACnet gateways for hotels


 Intesis BACnet server gateways and interfaces.


 HVAC system integration.
 Lighting control (DALI).
 Fire detection.
 Integration to standard communication protocols.

Product features:

 Support for BACnet IP and MSTP.
 BBMD and foreign Device
 Notification Classes
 BTL Certified

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Hotels with BACnet system case study