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Intesis solutions launched on the HMS product Spring Window

by Intesis BU | May 04, 2020
We are glad to introduce a total of 5 automation solutions for our product families with the aim of make integration easy and keeping the focus on making efficient energy consumption on buildings.

The current situation does not disturb new developments and HMS brands have been working on new solutions launched this May. Following our brand goal, Intesis wants to offer interconnection of devices within buildings as well as the connection of buildings to the Internet. In this line, our staff has been performing new gateway solutions to keep improving your automation projects.

Related to our portfolio, we are glad to introduce a total of 2 automation solutions for our product families with the aim of making integration easy and keeping the focus on providing energy efficient consumption solutions for buildings.

For the Protocol Translators family, we add one new products for KNX devices to Modbus systems:

Modbus RTU Master to KNX TP Gateway

The new Modbus RTU to KNX protocol translator is an easy-to-use, compact gateway with only 100 data points for the cost-efficient integration of any of your Modbus rooftop units, fan-coils, meters and more. It uses ETS for configuration, the standard KNX configuration tool, for any integration challenge.

During this spring window we also feature a new family to make wider our portfolio. Be ready to discover our first Cloud Solution called ST Cloud Control:

BACnet MS/TP or IP or Modbus RTU and TCP to ST Cloud Control Gateway

Connect any BACnet or Modbus device to the cloud and control them through an end user-oriented app or a web-based dashboard. Allow quick digitalization for the remote monitoring and control of retrofitting and new coming BACnet & Modbus devices in an easy to configure way.

This 2020, Intesis is celebrating 20 years helping systems integrators and we still keep working to make building integration simple and reliable. Our wide portfolio makes simple to cover the main automation projects, just contact us to find the fittest solution to integrate your system.