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Discover the new Cloud Solutions family

by Ikram El Ouahabi | Oct 01, 2020
Highly reliable, robust, easy-to-configure and install, the Intesis Protocol Translators, AC interfaces, and now, the Cloud Solutions family; this is what Intesis product ranges are.

Intesis deep experience in Building Automation protocols and communication solutions for HVAC integration brought to the cloud for straight-forward remote device management.

Driven by the fast adoption of internet technologies globally, demand is growing in the building and home automation markets for smart cloud-based device connectivity solutions.

For this reason, Intesis has created the new Cloud Solutions family.

Customers will be able to perform secure remote cloud-based monitoring and control of previously non-connected devices. Packaged as easy-to-deploy end-to-end solutions, Intesis Cloud Solutions include all needed elements to get you going!


Intesis ST Cloud Control - Make conventional BACnet or Modbus devices smart with Intesis ST Cloud Control

Intesis ST Cloud Control is a cloud-based solution from HMS which enables easy monitoring and control of any BACnet or Modbus device from an end user-oriented app and a web-based dashboard.

Intesis ST Cloud Control uses HMS HubTM for communication between connected devices and the cloud interface; an industrially proven edge connectivity solution by HMS Networks, which is now also brought to the building management arena to ensure safe and secure transformation of information.

The flexibility and scalability of the platform allow to integrate as many variables as needed of an unlimited number of devices, providing at the same time a user-friendly end-user-oriented Android and iOS app for the customers to have on hand control.


Intesis AC Cloud Control - HVAC IoT solution for building and facility management

Intesis AC Cloud Control is a remote-control system, cloud-based, that allows comfortable and intuitive control of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps from a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or from a simple internet browser.

The AC Cloud Control gateways, developed among the major AC manufacturers, offer cloud connectivity to a wide list of compatible AC units. No cables are needed for cloud connectivity, as the devices use WIFI technology to bring all the data to our servers.

The devices can be managed using a web-based dashboard, so no additional management tool must be installed, it can be accessed just using a web browser, also user-friendly native Android and iOS apps are available for on-hand management.

More advanced integrations are also available thanks to the professional Full REST API, available for cloud to cloud communication. The API is used for many cloud integrations like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or IFTTT among others.

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