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New functionality available in our Modbus-OCPP gateways

by Marc Senserrich Campoy | Mar 23, 2021
We have launched a new functionality in our Modbus-OCPP gateway for Electric Vehicle's Charging points integration with any Modbus RTU or TCP controller. The new feature enables connection to an External OCPP Central System (CS) while monitoring valuable information to any Modbus BMS.

Electric vehicles market is growing, carrying the need to offer connectivity between the EV charging points and the building. Intesis OCPP to Modbus protocol translator, offers a direct integration of 1 or up to 20 Electric Vehicle´s (EV) charging stations over OCPP 1.6 into any Modbus RTU or TCP project.

We have launched a new functionality for this solution, enabling a new working mode that allows the user to integrate the gateway with an External OCPP Central System (CS).

The gateway now offers 2 types of OCPP functionalities configurable using MAPS tool:

  • BMS Central System: The gateway makes accessible basic operations of the Charging points from a Modbus PLC, making the BMS the Central System of the EV charging operation. The operations supported on BMS Central System mode are: Authorize, RemoteStart/Stop Transaction, Start/StopTransaction, Local list management, HeartBeat and MeterValues.
  • External OCPP central system: The gateway acts as a bridge between an external OCPP CS and the OCPP chargers, allowing to monitor metering and status information of the connected chargers via Modbus. The OCPP readings supported in External Central System mode: are: Charger info, availability and MeterValues.


With this solution you can provide maintenance operations and control of the EV´s parking area in a reliable way, using a compact housing hardware, UL Certified, that is easy to configure using MAPS tool, from where you can scan the OCPP bus to find the chargers connected to the network and reduce the commissioning time.

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