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  • New DALI

    Intesis presents the new DALI to KNX gateway

    Dec 18, 2019
    Intesis announces a new gateway forits Intesis KNX line of products. The gateway allows the integration of DALI ballasts into KNX installations. With this gateway it is possible to manage from any KNX system your DALI installation or simply share your DALI data with any KNX device.
  • Integration of BACnet

    Integration of BACnet devices into KNX with this new Intesis gateway

    Dec 18, 2019
    Intesis introduces a new gateway forits Intesis KNX line of products. The gateway allows the integration of BACnet server devices into KNX installations.
  • Sin título-1

    BACnet Explorer: The new feature for Intesis BACnet Router

    Oct 03, 2019
    Intesis introduces a new feature for its Intesis BACnet router. Thanks to Intesis MAPS software, it is possible to explore directly BACnet IP and MS/TP networks, no additional software is needed.
  • IB Gateway - R-evolution-01 pho

    Intesis R-Evolution

    Oct 03, 2019
    With the aim to become a globally recognized leader in design, fabrication and commercialization of innovative solutions for secure and sustainable Building Automation Connectivity, our portfolio offers a wide range of gateway solutions for the main protocols and AC manufacturer brands.
  • Updated Panasonic gateways

    Updated Integration Gateways for Panasonic VRF AC units

    Oct 03, 2019
    We are glad to announce two products updated for Panasonic commercial and industrial (PACi, ECOi, ECOg) Air Conditioner Units to our V6 Gateways. Now you can find in our portfolio two updated solutions to integrate Panasonic AC units into KNX and Modbus systems. These gateways have been developed in collaboration with Panasonic Europe ensuring high reliability.
  • Savant

    Intesis WMP gateways add the new SAVANT driver to control Air Conditioning systems

    Oct 03, 2019
    Intesis WMP family products increase its driver list now with Savant. This new driver allows the integration of Air Conditioner units into Savant home automation systems. Use Savant user interfaces and programming features to increase the energy efficiency by having the Air Conditioning systems under control.