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Intesis ist neuester Geschäftbereich von HMS

by Marc Senserrich Campoy | Jan 23, 2020
Seit dem 1. Januar 2020 ist Intesis vollständig als neuester Geschäftsbereich von HMS integriert. Intesis wurde 2000 gegründet und ist Marktführer für die Smart-Home- und Gebäudeautomation. Das vollständige Gateway-Portfolio umfasst Integrationslösungen für die wichtigsten Standardprotokolle und alle wichtigen Klimaanlagen-Marken.

In 2016, Intesis was acquired by HMS Networks, market leader in solutions for industrial communication and the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT. From January 1st 2020 Intesis is fully integrated as the newest HMS Business Unit as a central brand for Building Automation solutions.

HMS is Connecting Devices for a more productive and sustainable world.

Founded in 2000, Intesis has been leading the home and building automation industry. The complete gateway portfolio includes integration solutions for the most relevant standard protocols projects and for all major AC brands.

No matter what building automation protocol or AC brand, Intesis has the communication solution.

Protocol Translators include the most recent and modern technology, assembled in user-friendly products to facilitate the installation, configuration and deployment.
All set up in an easy and powerful configuration tool. Intesis MAPS supports all the protocols available for our gateways for a fast and straight-forward commissioning.

Air Conditioning interfaces are developed in collaboration with all major AC manufacturers, offering a portfolio of highly reliable solutions. More than 700.000 AC units integrated all over the world grants that Intesis is the right choice for Air Conditioning integration.

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