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Internationale Vertriebsvereinbarung für die Intesis WLAN-ASCII-Produktreihe

by Marc Senserrich Campoy | Jan 30, 2020
Intesis hat kürzlich eine internationale Vertriebsvereinbarung mit FIBARO abgeschlossen, einer weltweiten Marke für die Smart-Home-Automation, die auf der Technologie des Internets der Dinge basiert. Ab sofort wird FIBARO der offizielle Wiederverkäufer der Intesis WLAN-ASCII-Produkte sein, die zur Installation in FIBARO-Automationsprojekten in Kombination mit dem neuen virtuellen Gerät (Treiber) bestimmt sind, der hier heruntergeladen werden kann.

FIBARO distributor for Intesis WiFi-ASCII gatewaysFIBARO, a global Home Automation brand based on the Internet of Things technology, has become the official reseller of Intesis WiFi-ASCII products intended to be installed within FIBARO automation projects which are available in dozens of countries determined as FIBARO distribution channel.

The Intesis WiFi-ASCII interfaces make possible the integration of Air Conditioner units into FIBARO home automation systems. These, in combination with the new virtual device developed by FIBARO, will ensure to the home owners a major reduction of energy consumption and consequently an appreciable reduction of the electric bill.

Connected devices help also to create a comfortable atmosphere adapting i.e. lighting, sound, and temperature to reach the highest comfort of the user. And that is what FIBARO smart home and Intesis Air Conditioner Interfaces bring to the home owners, a contribution to environment protection while improving user’s comfort.

How does it works?  

The WiFi-ASCII family gateways could be wired directly to the AC unit as a brand specific device or connected via Infrared commands in case of the universal device. The driver, called “virtual device” by the FIBARO community, runs in the FIBARO controller which is connected to the same IP network as the Intesis gateway. Once the communication between these 2 systems is established, the user can have full control of the Air Conditioning units from any FIBARO interfaces.

Download the virtual device from here