AC Interface Gateways

Intesis AC Interface Gateways allows a complete and natural integration to monitor and control, fully bi-directionally, AC units from the most popular manufacturers.
Over 700k AC gateways integrated

AC Interface solution per each AC brand

Find your solution to integrate the HVAC system from a concrete AC brand. We offer highly reliable solutions
developed jointly with the most relevant AC manufacturers.

IR AC Interface with an AC unit

Can’t find your AC brand?

The Universal controller grants compatibility with thousands of AC models with an IR receiver.

Used nowadays in more than 40.000 integrated HVAC systems, the Universal Gateway is a reliable and proven solution developed to communicate with any Air Conditioner and Heat Pump model.

Integrate easily any IR AC unit

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Intesis MAPS

The Most advanced configuration tool for protocol integration. Inspect communications between protocols and get control.

Intesis Gateways' R-Evolution

Since 2.000 we have been providing the most advanced communication gateway solutions for different automation systems integration.

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Discover our integration solutions for energy management and building automation. During this year meet our gateways at these events.

Updated Integration Gateways for Panasonic

Products updated for Panasonic commercial and industrial (PACi, ECOi, ECOg) Air Conditioner Units to our V6 Gateways.

Rule them all

One software tool to rule all the V6 Gateways. Configure and monitor all the new generation of Intesis gateways.