Haier AC brand Solution

Find your AC integration solution developed jointly with Haier. Following its specifications provided ensure the compatibility as a major factor to enable maximum efficiency.

Ensure energy savings

Intesis AC gateways allow to reduce considerably the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to environment protection.

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Improve user's comfort

The goal is to reduce energy while improving user’s comfort. With Intesis these are not mutually exclusive outcomes!


Leading with leaders

We are the indisputable market leader in AC integration thanks to have the continuous support of the major AC manufacturers.

Gateways for Haier AC systems integration

The Haier-KNX gateway allows fully bi-directional communication between Haier VRF and commercial Air Conditioner units and KNX installations.

Connected to Haier System

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The gateway is connected to Haier systems through a specific communication adaptor supplied by Haier. This allows not only the control of the main AC functions such as operating mode, fan speed, temperature setpoint…but the monitoring of errors, alarms and some internal variables.

Haier communication adaptor:

  • HA-MA164AD
  • HA-MB164AD
  • HA-MC164AD