Modbus AC brand Solution

Find your gateway solution to integrate AC units into Modbus systems. Our AC Interfaces makes easy the integration and ensures the compatibility as a major factor to enable maximum efficiency.

Ensure energy savings

Intesis AC gateways allow to reduce considerably the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to environment protection.

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Improve user's comfort

The goal is to reduce energy while improving user’s comfort. With Intesis these are not mutually exclusive outcomes!


Leading with leaders

We are the indisputable market leader in AC integration thanks to have the continuous support of the major AC manufacturers.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF systems to Modbus TCP/RTU Interface

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industrie interface has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF systems from a BMS, SCADA, PLC or any other device working as a Modbus master.


  • Direct access to outdoor unit’s communication bus.
  • The interface is a Modbus slave able to manage Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU simultaneously.
  • Capable of managing up to two simultaneous Modbus master connections
  • Configuration through IP or RS-232 port.
  • LED indicators to provide easy to check communication status and errors.

Use Case

Integration of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner Units through Superlink connection into a Modbus installation.




The gateway is directly connected to the outdoor units communication bus and enables the control of all the indoor units connected to the system.


The configuration is carried out using Linkbox software. This one allows you to define your own settings for the device and offers extra functions such as a diagnostic feature.

Technical Documentation

User Manual General information about this product Download
Installation Manual Learn how to install the device in your project Download
HVAC Compatibility tool Find the appropriate solution for your HVAC integration Open
EC Declaration of Conformity Check the product certification Download

Programming Tools

LinkBox MB Configuration software tool Download

Case Study

Case Study Learn how Intesis gateways make integration easy Open

Commercial Documentation

Marketing Datasheet Discover all the integration solutions for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Intesis Brochure
Know more about the Intesis current available products


INMBSMHI048O000  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF systems to Modbus TCP/RTU Interface - 48 units
INMBSMHI128O000  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF systems to Modbus TCP/RTU Interface - 128 units


  • Intesis Gateway.
  • Installation Manual.
  • RS-232 Configuration Cable.
  • Power Supply Cable.

Warranty: 36 months.

Modbus Slave Gateways for Air Conditioner

Intesis offers one of the largest portfolios of Modbus integration gateways for Air Conditioners on the market. The consistent Modbus register mapping used for all AC brands, helps improving the integration time of each project.

One Modbus map development, multiple usability in your projects. AC integration in Modbus was never that simple .

Modbus Gateways for Air Conditioner

For one to one solutions

For multi-unit solutions

Modbus AC Interfaces

One gateway, one AC unit.

This is the idea of one to one integration. As simple and fast as it seems.

  • Consistent register mapping presents common interface for all AC brands.
  • Fast an easy configuration thanks to the DIP-SW available on the product.
  • Wide register map covering not only a basic AC control but advance functionalities.

One gateway, multiple AC units.

The desired option for VRF integration: a unique device to fully integrate your AC system.

  • Supports both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP simultaneously.
  • Control all the units connected from a single Modbus register.
  • Independent Modbus registers for individual control and monitoring.