Panasonic AC brand Solution

Find your AC integration solution developed jointly with Panasonic. Following its specifications provided ensure the compatibility as a major factor to enable maximum efficiency.

Ensure energy savings

Intesis AC gateways allow to reduce considerably the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to environment protection.

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Improve user's comfort

The goal is to reduce energy while improving user’s comfort. With Intesis these are not mutually exclusive outcomes!


Leading with leaders

We are the indisputable market leader in AC integration thanks to have the continuous support of the major AC manufacturers.

Panasonic ECOi and PACi systems to Home Automation Interface

The Panasonic-ASCII gateway allows a complete and natural integration of Panasonic ECOi and PACi Air Conditioner units into IP based Home Automation Systems.


  • Intuitive web interface for the WiFi configuration.
  • b/g/n WiFi standards supported.
  • Quick and easy installation (plug and configure the WiFi).
  • External power not required.
  • Simultaneous control of the AC unit by the IR remote controller and by Home Automation systems.
  • Integration with any IP Home Automation System thanks to our open ASCII protocol.
  • Compatible with the drivers available in Intesis webpage.

Use Case

Integration of Panasonic ECOi & PACi systems into a Home Automation installation.




The gateway is wired directly to an indoor unit. This allows not only the control of the main AC functions such as operating mode, fan speed, temperature setpoint…but the monitoring of errors and alarms.


The Intesis Home Automation gateways have been specifically designed to be the best AC integration solution for Home Automation Systems. Communications are based on a simple ASCII protocol that can be easily implemented, in the form of a driver, into Home Controllers or Smart Hubs. With drivers already available from many Home Automation platforms on the market, Air Conditioning units can be easily integrated and controlled.

Technical Documentation

User Manual General information about this product Download
Installation Manual Learn how to install the device in your project Download
Datasheet Find all the specifications around this product Download
HVAC Compatibility tool Find the appropriate solution for your HVAC integration Open
HVAC Compatibility Check your HVAC compatibility Download
Protocol Specifications This document contains the basis of the WMP protocol Download
EC Declaration of Conformity Check the product certification Download

Commercial Documentation

Marketing Datasheet Discover all the integration solutions for Panasonic
Intesis Brochure
Know more about the Intesis current available products

Programming Tools

WMP Configuration Configuration software tool Download

Drivers for WMP AC Interfaces

 AMX driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces
 Intesis - AMX driver
 Control 4 driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - Control 4 driver
 Crestron driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - Crestron driver
 eedomus driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis Eedomus driver
 ELAN driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - ELAN driver
 Fibaro driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - FIBARO driver
 iRidium driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - Iridium driver
 jeedom logo  Intesis - Jeedom driver
 RTI driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - RTI driver
 Savant driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - Savant driver
 VERA driver for Intesis WMP AC interfaces  Intesis - VERA driver

HVAC Compatibility

Ensure the compatibility of this gateway with your AC model by visiting

Compatible AC models

S - MD1E5 | S - ML1E5 | S -  MU1E5 / S - MU1E5A | S - MU2E5 / S - MU2E5A | S - PU1U6 | S - MY1E5 | S - MY2E5A | S - MF1E5 / S - MF1E5A | S - MF2E5 / S - MF2E5A | S - PF1U6 | S - MM1E5 / S - MM1E5A | S - ME1E5 | S - ME2E5 | S - MT1E5 | S - MT2E5A | S - PT1U6 | S - MP1E5 | S - MR1E5 | S - PU1E5 / S - PU1E5A | S - PU2E5A | S - PU1R5A | S - PU2U6 | S -  PY1E5 | S - PY2E5A | S - PT1E5 | S - PT2E5 / S - PT2E5A | S - PT2R5A | S - PT2U6 | S - PK1E5 / S - PK1E5A | S - PK1U6 | S - PK2U6 | S - PF1E5 / S - PF1E5A | S - PF1R5 / S - PF1R5A | S - PF2U6 | CS-E - SD3UAW | S - PN1E5 / S - PN1E5A | S - PE1E5 | S - PE1E8 | S - PE1R5A | S - PE1R5B | S - PE2E5 | S - PE2R5 | S - PE2R5B | S - PE3R5

SANYO AC models

SPW-LDR94GXH56B | SPW-LDR124GXH56B | SPW-LDR164GXH56B | SPW-LDR184GXH56B | SPW-LDR254GXH56B | SPW-SR74GXH56B | SPW-SR94GXH56B | SPW-SR124GXH56B | SPW-SR164GXH56B | SPW-SR184GXH56B | SPW-SR254GXH56B | SPW-X076XH | SPW-X096XH | SPW-X126XH | SPW-X166XH | SPW-X186XH | SPW-X256XH | SPW-X366XH | SPW-X486XH | SPW-X606XH | SPW-XM075XH | SPW-XM095XH | SPW-XM125XH | SPW-XM165XH | SPW-XM185XH | SPW-U075SXHT | SPW-U095SXHT | SPW-U125SXHT | SPW-U165SXHT | SPW-U185SXHT | SPW-U255SXHT | SPW-U305SXHT | SPW-U365SXHT | SPW-U485SXHT | SPW-U605SXHT | SPW-US075XH | SPW-US095XH | SPW-US125XH | SPW-US165XH | SPW-US185XH | SPW-DR254GXH56B | SPW-DR364GXH56B | SPW-DR484GXH56B | SPW-DR764GXH56B | SPW-DR964GXH56B | SPW-T125XH | SPW-T165XH | SPW-T185XH | SPW-T255XH | SPW-T365XH | SPW-T485XH | SPW-K075XH | SPW-K095XH | SPW-K125XH | SPW-K166XH | SPW-K186XH | SPW-K256XH | SPW-K366XH | SPW-FR74GXH56B | SPW-FR94GXH56B | SPW-FR124GXH56B | SPW-FR164GXH56B | SPW-FR184GXH56B | SPW-FR254GXH56B | SPW-FMR74GXH56B | SPW-FMR94GXH56B | SPW-FMR124GXH56B | SPW-FMR164GXH56B | SPW-FMR184GXH56B | SPW-FMR254GXH56B | SPW-X126H | SPW-X166H | SPW-X186H | SPW-X256H | SPW-X366H | SPW-X486H | SPW-X606H | SPW-X125H | SPW-X165H | SPW-X185H | SPW-X255H | SPW-X365H | SPW-X485H | SPW-X605H | SPW-XM125H | SPW-XM165H | SPW-XM185H | SPW-U125H | SPW-U165H | SPW-U185H | SPW-U255H | SPW-U365H | SPW-U485H | SPW-U605H | SPW-U185SHT | SPW-U255SHT | SPW-U365SHT | SPW-U485SHT | SPW-U605SHT | SPW-US125H | SPW-US165H | SPW-US185H | SPW-D705H | SPW-D905H | SPW-T125H | SPW-T165H | SPW-T185H | SPW-T255H | SPW-T365H | SPW-T485H | SPW-T605H | SPW-K126H | SPW-K166H | SPW-K186H | SPW-K256H | SPW-K366H | SPW-KR124GH56B | SPW-KR164GH56B | SPW-KR184GH56B | SPW-KR254GH56B

* The asterisks stand for any character in the asterisk' position.


INWMPPAN001R000  Panasonic ECOi and PACi systems to Home Automation Interface - 1 unit


  • Intesis Gateway.
  • Installation Manual.

Warranty: 36 months.

Gateways for Panasonic AC systems integration

Intesis portfolio for Panasonic Air Conditioning systems ensure the perfect interconnection between the most extended protocols in Home and Building Automation and Panasonic systems.

The products from Intesis make it easy to meet Panasonic integration needs, giving the possibility to control from domestic AC lines to the most recent Aquarea H Air to Water system.

From the automation side, it does not matter the model of your Panasonic unit: Etherea, ECOi, PACi and even Aquearea H units are supported with Intesis gateways.

Check out your model in our compatibility lists and start working with Intesis solutions for Panasonic air conditioner and air to water units.

Connected to

Panasonic Indoor Units


Your one to one solution for Panasonic Etherea AC units. Direct connection from Intesis device to CN-CNT port in AC indoor unit. Wire to CN-CNT connector is provided.

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Panasonic wired remote controllers bus


Your one to one solution for Panasonic ECOi and PACi AC units. Direct connection to Panasonic R1R2 remote controller bus. AC manufacturer remote controller is optional.

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Panasonic Outdoor Units


Panasonic Outdoor Units

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Your solution for Panasonic VRF systems. Direct connection to Panasonic P-Link VRF internal bus. Up to 64 Panasonic VRF indoor units (1 Panasonic line) with only one Intesis gateway.

Your solution for Panasonic VRF systems. Direct connection to Panasonic P-Link VRF internal bus. Up to 128 Panasonic VRF indoor units (2 Panasonic lines) with only one Intesis gateway.