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Panasonic ECOi and PACi systems to AC Cloud Control (WiFi) Interface

The AC Cloud Control device for Panasonic allows a complete and natural integration of Panasonic ECOi and PACi systems into AC Cloud Control system for profesional HVAC control and monitoring.


Easy WiFi configuration using the native Android and iOS app.
b/g/n WiFi standards supported at 2,4 GHz.
Quick and easy installation (plug and configure the WiFi).
External power not required.
Simultaneous control of the AC unit by the manufacturer's remote controller and by AC Cloud Control through the app and web.
Native Android and iOS app.
Web based dashboard.

Use Case

Integration of Panasonic ECOi & PACi systems into AC Cloud Control.



The gateway is wired directly to an indoor unit. This allows not only the control of the main AC functions such as operating mode, fan speed, temperature setpoint… but the monitoring of errors and alarms.

AC Cloud Control devices are developed to interface the AC units and provide cloud connectivity using the local WIFI network. They are b/g/n compatible and use 2.4GHz frequency, ensuring further coverage within the installation, and showing no communication problems due to the optimized IoT communication protocol used. They are firewall friendly since only outbound ports are used, ensuring an easy and secure configuration.

Technical Documentation

Installation Manual Learn how to install the device in your project Download
Installation Sheet Learn how to install the device Download
Datasheet Find all the specifications around this product Download
HVAC Compatibility tool Find the appropriate solution for your HVAC integration Open
HVAC Compatibility Check your HVAC compatibility Download
Quick Wireless Configuration Learn how to configure the device to connect to the WIFI using AC Cloud Control app Download
Web User Manual General information about AC Cloud Control web dashboard Download
App User Manual General information about AC Cloud Control app functionalities Download
Device Configuration General configuration of AC Cloud Control device Download
Device Configuration Video Guides Learn how to configure your device following these video tutorials Watch
EC Declaration of Conformity Check the product certification Download

Additional Tools

Android App Native Android app for device configuration and system management Open
iOS App Native iOS app for device configuration and system management Open
Web Dashboard web based dashboard for system configuration and management Open

Commercial Documentation

Intesis Brochure
Know more about the Intesis current available products

HVAC Compatibility

Ensure the compatibility of this gateway with your AC model by visiting

Compatible AC models

S - MD1E5 | S - ML1E5 | S -  MU1E5 / S - MU1E5A | S - MU2E5 / S - MU2E5A | S - PU1U6 | S - MY1E5 | S - MY2E5A | S - MF1E5 / S - MF1E5A | S - MF2E5 / S - MF2E5A | S - PF1U6 | S - MM1E5 / S - MM1E5A | S - ME1E5 | S - ME2E5 | S - MT1E5 | S - MT2E5A | S - PT1U6 | S - MP1E5 | S - MR1E5 | S - PU1E5 / S - PU1E5A | S - PU2E5A | S - PU1R5A | S - PU2U6 | S -  PY1E5 | S - PY2E5A | S - PT1E5 | S - PT2E5 / S - PT2E5A | S - PT2R5A | S - PT2U6 | S - PK1E5 / S - PK1E5A | S - PK1U6 | S - PK2U6 | S - PF1E5 / S - PF1E5A | S - PF1R5 / S - PF1R5A | S - PF2U6 | CS-E - SD3UAW | S - PN1E5 / S - PN1E5A | S - PE1E5 | S - PE1E8 | S - PE1R5A | S - PE1R5B | S - PE2E5 | S - PE2R5 | S - PE2R5B | S - PE3R5

SANYO AC models

SPW-LDR94GXH56B | SPW-LDR124GXH56B | SPW-LDR164GXH56B | SPW-LDR184GXH56B | SPW-LDR254GXH56B | SPW-SR74GXH56B | SPW-SR94GXH56B | SPW-SR124GXH56B | SPW-SR164GXH56B | SPW-SR184GXH56B | SPW-SR254GXH56B | SPW-X076XH | SPW-X096XH | SPW-X126XH | SPW-X166XH | SPW-X186XH | SPW-X256XH | SPW-X366XH | SPW-X486XH | SPW-X606XH | SPW-XM075XH | SPW-XM095XH | SPW-XM125XH | SPW-XM165XH | SPW-XM185XH | SPW-U075SXHT | SPW-U095SXHT | SPW-U125SXHT | SPW-U165SXHT | SPW-U185SXHT | SPW-U255SXHT | SPW-U305SXHT | SPW-U365SXHT | SPW-U485SXHT | SPW-U605SXHT | SPW-US075XH | SPW-US095XH | SPW-US125XH | SPW-US165XH | SPW-US185XH | SPW-DR254GXH56B | SPW-DR364GXH56B | SPW-DR484GXH56B | SPW-DR764GXH56B | SPW-DR964GXH56B | SPW-T125XH | SPW-T165XH | SPW-T185XH | SPW-T255XH | SPW-T365XH | SPW-T485XH | SPW-K075XH | SPW-K095XH | SPW-K125XH | SPW-K166XH | SPW-K186XH | SPW-K256XH | SPW-K366XH | SPW-FR74GXH56B | SPW-FR94GXH56B | SPW-FR124GXH56B | SPW-FR164GXH56B | SPW-FR184GXH56B | SPW-FR254GXH56B | SPW-FMR74GXH56B | SPW-FMR94GXH56B | SPW-FMR124GXH56B | SPW-FMR164GXH56B | SPW-FMR184GXH56B | SPW-FMR254GXH56B | SPW-X126H | SPW-X166H | SPW-X186H | SPW-X256H | SPW-X366H | SPW-X486H | SPW-X606H | SPW-X125H | SPW-X165H | SPW-X185H | SPW-X255H | SPW-X365H | SPW-X485H | SPW-X605H | SPW-XM125H | SPW-XM165H | SPW-XM185H | SPW-U125H | SPW-U165H | SPW-U185H | SPW-U255H | SPW-U365H | SPW-U485H | SPW-U605H | SPW-U185SHT | SPW-U255SHT | SPW-U365SHT | SPW-U485SHT | SPW-U605SHT | SPW-US125H | SPW-US165H | SPW-US185H | SPW-D705H | SPW-D905H | SPW-T125H | SPW-T165H | SPW-T185H | SPW-T255H | SPW-T365H | SPW-T485H | SPW-T605H | SPW-K126H | SPW-K166H | SPW-K186H | SPW-K256H | SPW-K366H | SPW-KR124GH56B | SPW-KR164GH56B | SPW-KR184GH56B | SPW-KR254GH56B

* The asterisks stand for any character in the asterisk' position.


INWFIPAN001R000 Panasonic ECOi and PACi systems to AC Cloud Control (WiFi) Interface - 1 unit


Intesis Gateway.
Installation Manual & Warranty document.

Warranty: 36 months.


Multibrand & Multisite




Energy Saving & Maintenance Functionalities


OEM Projects


Professional API

Multi-brand web and app control for Domestic, Commercial & VRF systems

Integration example

ACCC integration example

AC Cloud Control devices

Universal controller side

Universal Controller

Compatibility for any infrared controlled system.

Brand specific AC side

Brand Specific AC

For: RAC & Domestic Lines.

Brand specific RC side

Brand Specific RC

For: PAC & VRF.

Integration with 3rd party systems

The integration with 3rd party systems has become crucial in the IoT world. AC Cloud Control is already compatible with the most popular systems.

Connect with IFTTT

Works with the Google Assistant

Works with Amazon Alexa

Works with Siri shortcuts

Professional Rest API

Discover all the AC Cloud Control functionalities

AC Cloud gateways UI

Discover everything you can do with the AC Cloud Control system

A large advanced functionality list has been developed in AC Cloud Control to cover all customer needs, from the end user to the professional.

Discover all the functionalities

Remote control

AC Cloud Control offers all the control needed, in a simple and intuitive way:

  • Full control of your HVAC system.
  • Control the AC Unit using simultaneously the manufacturers remote controller and AC Cloud Control.


Once AC Cloud Control is connected to the AC unit, the very latest technologies are used to provide the most advanced functionalities.

  • Some functionalities will be executed in our servers.
  • Other functionalities will be executed in the device.

Need help? FAQ!

For any further technical information about the AC Cloud Control solutions, please visit our FAQ section. We've collected all the common doubts in one single page to help you to control your HVAC system from now.

Visit AC Cloud Control FAQ