The most advanced configuration tool for protocol integration

Intesis MAPS is a Windows based software tool specifically developed to configure and monitor the new generation of Intesis gateways.

Intesis MAPS: the most advanced configuration for protocol integration

The most powerful configuration tool common for all Intesis gateways enabling a fast and simple commissioning. One software solution to rule them all providing to the integrator the power to configure and monitor the system on an easy and reliable way

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Multi Addressing Points Solution

Intesis MAPS supports all possible protocol combinations available for our gateways providing a simple and consistent way to program all your devices, regardless of the protocol they use. Just launch MAPS, select the template for your gateway and you are ready to go.

Intesis MAPS provides device templates to import data automatically, it supports conversions such as scaling and offset to transform the data to your needs and it enables advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting as well.


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Intesis MAPS tool enables you to exercise all these common features


Project Templates

For every gateway there is a template providing a step by step guide on how to setup both protocol configurations.


Product Templates

Intesis provides product templates to automatically import all device data, no handwork required.



Your configuration is protected by password so no one can manipulate remotely your project without previous authorization.



It is always possible to read out the configuration project from the gateway and save a back-up copy in your PC.



Intesis gateways support scan methods to find devices in the field and import all the required data to help you work more efficiently.



Transform data into the format you need, e.g. adjusting offset, scaling or converting from degrees celsius into Fahrenheit.



Is everything ok, doc?
If there is a problem or error, just use the Intesis MAPS Diganostic tool to help you identify it and solve it.



The tool will inform you every time there is a new software version available for your gateway or MAPS itself.


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Coded to make easy

Take advantage with Intesis MAPS. The new templates feature helps to make the integration easier and faster.

Rule them all

One software tool to rule all the V6 Gateways. Configure and monitor all the new generation of Intesis gateways.

Multi-protocol gateway's common platform

One software to rule them all! Intesis MAPS tool enables you to exercise all the V6 Gateway features.

Updated Integration Gateways for Panasonic

Products updated for Panasonic commercial and industrial (PACi, ECOi, ECOg) Air Conditioner Units to our V6 Gateways.

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Intesis Gateways' R-Evolution

Since 2.000 we have been providing the most advanced communication gateway solutions for different automation systems integration.

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Intesis MAPS

The Most advanced configuration tool for protocol integration. Inspect communications between protocols and get control.