Protocol Translator Gateways

The Protocol Translator Gateways has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of your building automation projects.

Intesis MAPS enables fast navigation to a working configuration

Powerful configuration of all Intesis protocol translators for a fast and straight-forward commissioning.

Intesis MAPS mockup

Multi Addressing Points Solution

Intesis MAPS supports all the protocols available for our gateways providing an easy, consistent way to program all of your integrations, regardless of the protocol they use. Just launch MAPS, select the template for your gateway’s integration and you are ready to go.

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Intesis MAPS is the tool for your gateways’ total awareness

It enables you to establish site configurations, inspect communications for each protocol and investigate any unexpected integration issues


Project Templates

For every gateway there is a template providing a step by step setup guide for both protocols in the gateway.


Product Templates

Product templates are provided for automatic import of all device data, removing the need for manual work.



MAPS configuration projects are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized manipulation of projects and installations.



Users can save the gateway configuration project to file for e.g. recovery purposes or in case of gateway replacement.


Device scan

By using the scanning functionality, users can find devices in the field and import all their data automatically.


Data conversions

Data can be transformed into the desired format, e.g. adjusting offset, scaling or converting from degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit.



Problems and errors can be detected and solved with Intesis MAPS diagnostics.



The tool informs whenever there is a new software version available for the gateway or MAPS itself.

The Intesis Gateway R-Evolution

Our gateway leverage technology to maintain common features across the range of products you find in our portfolio


LED indicator matrix

Multiple LED indicators confirm that all protocols are communicating properly or indicate if there is a communication issue.


IP/USB console

Selectable configuration via USB or IP ports.


USB host

Configuration can be performed with the USB host port, from downloading projects or generating log files to updating the firmware.

Intesis gateway with features

Multiple ports

With multiple ports for the different physical layers (cable/network types), all common connectivity requirements are met.


Slim DIN-Rail mounted

Consuming just 5 DIN-Rail modules, it is easy to fit Intesis protocol translators into cabinets.


Low powered solution

The protocol translators are designed for low power consumtion for energy efficient operation on site.

One Software to Rule Them All

Intesis MAPS supports easy configuration of all possible protocol combinations available in the Intesis protocol translator portfolio, offering a simple and consistent way to program all your devices, regardless of the protocols used. Upon launching MAPS, the user selects the right template for the protocol translator and the configuration procedure can start.

Intesis MAPS provides device templates which import data automatically. Conversions such as scaling and offset are supported to allow the desired data transformation. MAPS also enables advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting by the user.


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Intesis MAPS mockup

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Intesis Gateways' R-Evolution

Since 2.000 we have been providing the most advanced communication gateway solutions for different automation systems integration.

Multi-protocol gateway's common platform

One software to rule them all! Intesis MAPS tool enables you to exercise all the V6 Gateway features.

Rule them all

One software tool to rule all the V6 Gateways. Configure and monitor all the new generation of Intesis gateways.

Coded to make easy

Take advantage with Intesis MAPS. The new templates feature helps to make the integration easier and faster.