Smart Building Integration

Join us for integration webinars and you will learn how to use and configure Intesis products for your building automation projects.
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'The experts guide to Smart Building Integration' Webinar Series

Learn directly from our product managers

Launching 6 webinars providing you insights on how to learn new ways to reduce your commissioning time by using our robust and easy to implement building automation gateways.

The webinars will feature a variety of protocols and products ranging from AC Controllers, protocol translators through to cloud solutions. See below to view our list of upcoming webinars.

Who should attend?

Facility managers and engineers, BMS / HVAC engineers and contractors, energy efficiency specialists, building owners, maintenance and operations personnel, energy and sustainability managers and anyone else who wants to learn more about:

  • Improving commissioning time
  • New integration applications
  • Improving skills in configuring Intesis products

Robust, simple, fast and easy configuration

‘Smart Building Integration’ Webinar Series



‘Smart Building Integration’ Webinar Series on demand

Intesis Webinar Series

Benefits of connecting any Modbus or BACnet device to the cloud

Available on demand

Increasingly facilities are spread across the globe, this can be difficult for traditional BMS systems to handle. Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Utilize the new Intesis ST Cloud Control solution that offers cloud-based integration of these facilities
  • Use the versatile range of Intesis Smart Building Gateways to make it possible to control building systems
  • Control these systems through a web and mobile device apps
  • Save you time and money

Advanced features in Intesis HVAC to KNX solutions

Available on demand

Full HVAC integration gives the best return on investment; however, it is necessary to know how to implement the integration without increasing project time or compromising the end-users’ comfort. Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Include different functionalities into the HVAC system
  • Reduce energy consumption bills and shorten the return of investment for the end client
Intesis Webinar Series
Intesis Webinar Series

Protocol Translators for smart metering integration

Available on demand

M-Bus (Meter Bus) is a European Standard for the remote reading of water, gas or electricity meters into any Building Management System (BMS). Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Integrate M-Bus meters into a BMS system using an Intesis gateway
  • Use our powerful MAPS software tool for protocol integration

MAPS – Get the most of our configuration tool

Available on demand

Intesis MAPS is a very powerful tool to configure the vast array of Intesis building gateways.

  • The software is packed with features and functionalities
  • New MAPS users – Learn about a smart new way to configure your Intesis gateways
  • Existing MAPS user - learn new, faster and more efficient ways to do your most common tasks
Intesis Webinar Series
Intesis Webinar Series

Lighting meets Building: Integration of DALI in your BMS

Available on demand

DALI is one of the most used protocols in the industry to integrate and control smart lighting systems. DALI is used for traditional fluorescent lighting, to new LED fixtures as well as emergency lighting and now DALI-2 sensors and switches. Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Combine all these DALI components with a powerful BMS with an Intesis gateway
  • Create a strategy to help reduce wasted energy
  • Easily integrate Intesis solutions and MAPS tool in order to achieve efficient lighting control networks for your projects

Benefits of homogenous HVAC solutions for Modbus and BACnet BMS

Available on demand

Building automation integrators and energy efficiency multi-site companies need to get HVAC systems integrated into their BMS or global monitoring platforms to control building energy consumption. Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Easily integrate any Air Conditioning brand using Intesis BACnet and Modbus AC Interfaces
  • Control HVAC systems to minimize their associated running cost and energy bills
Intesis Webinar Series

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