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AC Cloud Control solution FAQ

  • Q: What is AC Cloud Control?
  • Q: Can I use AC Cloud Control app with any mobile device?
  • Q: What do I need to use AC Cloud Control solutions?
  • Q: Do I need Internet connection to use AC Cloud Control?
  • Q: Where can I acquire AC Cloud Control solutions?
  • Q: How many AC Cloud Control devices do I need to control my climate system?
  • Q: How can I install and configure an AC Cloud Control solution?
  • Q: What is a scene and how do I set up it?
  • Q: Can I control AC Cloud Control with Google Assistant?
  • Q: Can I control AC Cloud Control with Amazon Alexa?
  • Q: Can I control AC Cloud Control with Siri Shortcuts?
  • Q: What your AC Cloud Control can do with IFTTT?

AC Cloud Control technical support FAQ

  • Q: How do I connect setup my AC Cloud Control device so that I can control my Air Conditioner from my smartphone/webpage?
  • Q: WiFi Configuration
  • Q: Device Registration
  • Q: Infrared configuration using autolearning mode
  • Q: Name or password of my WiFi network has changed and I can no longer control my AC Cloud Control device. How do I setup the new settings of my WiFi to my AC Cloud Control device?
  • Q: WiFi paring/connection process of my AC Cloud Control invariably ends with the LED of the AC Cloud Control device going red and green alternate blinking (LED not OFF) and I continue unable to associate it to my account
  • Q: I try to go to to set up my device, but it does not work at all
  • Q: "Device not connected" error appears in my mobile app when I try to register my 25-digit alphanumeric registration code
  • Q: I have moved to a house with an AC Cloud Control device installed in it. What should I do to be able to control my AC unit with my phone using that device?
  • Q: I plan to sell my house, including its AC Cloud Control devices. What should I do so that new owner can use AC Cloud Control to control the AC units?
  • Q: I get a "device already assigned" when I try to register my AC Cloud Control device
  • Q: I have set up my Universal Controller, but I can't interact with my AC unit
  • Q: I have control of my AC units from my smartphone using an AC Cloud Control device, and I would like other people in my house to be able to control them too from their phones
  • Q: I bought a new smartphone and I want to be able to control my AC units from AC Cloud Control back again
  • Q: I'm not receiving any email when trying to reset my password

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