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Our product managers have been working on these eLearning clips to explain how Intesis gateway solutions help you to integrate devices from different technologies to your project.

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how intesis gateways benefit your building automation projects

How can Intesis Gateways benefit your building automation solutions?


Understand how easy connectivity can be, and discover how you can benefit with energy savings.

Learn around energy savings on your BA

Discover the trends in lighting controls

Lighting meets Building: What brings DALI to your BMS?

Discover the existing trends in lighting controls, as well as an introduction to one of the most used standards for lighting controls in Building Management Systems: DALI and it’s new version DALI-2.

Learn how to create an efficient lighting controls network


Claves para una óptima eficiencia energética en edificios

Cómo podemos automatizar y controlar fácilmente las fuentes de energía en edificios por medio de las pasarelas de traducción de protocolo y AC de Intesis y acceder a los datos a través del cloud.

Descubre las claves para una óptima eficiencia energética

integracion protocolos sistemas edificios

Integración de Protocolos y sistemas en edificios

Los principales protocolos usados en la Automatización de Edificios (KNX, BacNet, DALI, Mbus, etc…) y cómo integran máquinas de aire y otros dispositivos con el fin de integrarlos en un SCADA/BMS local o remoto.

Descubre cómo integrar dispositivos de varios protocolos

The experts guide to Smart Building Integration

Specific eLearning webinars where our product portfolio offers integration solutions.

MAPS - Get the most of our configuration tool

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Advanced features in Intesis HVAC to KNX solutions

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Protocol Translators for smart metering integration

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Benefits of connecting any Modbus or BACnet device to the cloud

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Light meets Building: Intergation of DALI in your BMS

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Benefits of homogenous HVAC solutions for Modbus and BACnet BMS

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Building over the sky

Find the specific eLearning webinars where our product management team talks about the different protocols systems for which Intesis portfolio offers integration solutions.

Intesis gateway portfolio includes flexible solutions with the most commonly used standard protocols for different system integrations. As a robust and easy-to-use solution, our technical staff has prepared this eLearnings where you will learn how these main standard protocols work and how our integration solutions are helping integrators in the home and building automation projects.

Discover our soltions

Home automation webinar

- 4 chapters -

> Home Automation

Modern homes incorporates sophisticated control systems with appliances and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by the owner through one central point – a smartphone, tablet, laptop or touch panel.

Learn how Smart Homes act

BACnet protocol course

- 5 chapters -

> BACnet Basic Course

New buildings ask for new requirements to meet the current standards and expectations in terms of efficiency, security and comfort.

Learn the basis of BACnet standard protocol

DALI protocol course

- 3 chapters -

> DALI Course

Light control has become an important requirement to consider in all kind of buildings and environments, as it is one of the most used and energy consuming service.

Learn the basis of DALI protocol

KNX protocol course

- 5 chapters -

> KNX basic Course

KNX is a worldwide open standard for home and building automation property of KNX Association. The aim was to create an European standard in home and building automation and settle the bases for a future expansion.

Learn the basis of KNX standard protocol


- 4 chapters -

> KNX Advanced Course

Learn more about the KNX standard for home and building automation developed in 1997 and currently used mostly in commercial buildings and also for residental projects.

A step forward in KNX protocol

M-Bus protocol course

- 1 chapter -

> M-Bus Course

M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a European standard for the remote reading of gas or electricity meters. The M-Bus is a hierarchical system, with communication controlled by a master, a number of slaves and a two-wire connecting cable.

Learn the basis of M-Bus protocol

HMS Networks academy

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