Defects in the product delivered

HMS will free of charge resolve defects in the product delivered which are due to defects in material, design or manufacture. HMS may instead of rectifying the defect supply a new product free of defects or repay the purchase price.
Should the customer complain of a defect and it then be found that there is no defect for which HMS is liable, a quotation for repair will be sent to the customer.
HMS will not correct or repair damages which are caused by the customer through the misuse of the product, even if the product is still under warranty.

Guarantee Commitment

HMS has a guarantee commitment according to HMS General Terms and Conditions (HMS GTC15) for defects in the product (if nothing else has been previously agreed).


Anybus Embedded and Ixxat products
HMS has a warranty period of 12 months from HMS shipment date on all products not specifically specified as having extended guarantee. 

Ewon Cosy 141, Ewon CD Series and Ewon eFive Products
HMS has a warranty period of 18 months from HMS shipment date.

Ewon Cosy 131 and Ewon Flexy Products
HMS has a warranty period of 36 months from HMS shipment date.

Anybus Gateways, Ixxat SG Gateways, Ixxat CAN/CANopen PLC Extensions, Ewon Netbiter and HMS EtherNet/IP Linking Devices, Anybus Wireless
HMS has an extended guarantee of 36 months from HMS shipment date. This extended guarantee includes 1SICANopen and CM CANopen.

Intesis Gateways and AC Interfaces
HMS has a warranty period of 36 months from HMS shipment date.


Please send the device together with the return delivery note to the address that is mentioned in the packaging slip from the RMA request. If nothing else has been previously agreed, the customer pays for the freight to HMS, while HMS pays for the return freight to the customer, according to the HMS GTC15 delivery terms.
HMS ship repaired products, or replacement products with DHL, "CIP". If you cannot use DHL to receive shipments then please state this in the "Description" box when registering your case in HMS Customer Portal. 

Repair outside of warranty

In case a repair of a product outside warranty is requested, choose “Service case (Rework and update)” in the “Case type” box when registering your RMA case in HMS Portal. HMS will then come back with a quotation for the repair. We normally return with DHL, and the freight cost for repairs is included in the repair cost.

Rework and update of products
In case you wish to update or rework products you should contact your HMS sales representative for a quotation.

Once you have accepted the quotation, you need to register an RMA case in HMS Portal and attach the quotation as a file to your case.